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Redundancy Consultation – Why do we need to do it?


One of the things which managers and individuals both find difficult about redundancy is the need to consult on the redundancy. The decision has been made that redundancy needs to happen, for whatever reason (and it is usually money), so what is the point of consulting about it? Surely that just prolongs the agony for everyone?  So why is it a legal requirement (at least in the UK)?

Well, there are some very good reasons to consult with employees.

Reasons to consult about redundancy

The consultation might throw up a way to avoid the redundancy altogether – for example, it is a way to find out if there is an alternative job internally which would suit the employee. 

If there has been a selection process, it gives a chance to review that selection and make sure it is right.

Consultation can bring up suggestions and requests which might have been overlooked. 

It gives the employee the chance to air their feelings, let off steam, think about how best to handle their situation.

 It gives managers a chance to provide real support and leadership and to help the employee understand why this situation has arisen for them.  They may not like it, but they will at least feel the process has been fair, they have had a chance to raise concerns and that it is not their fault.

It is the kind and right thing to do.

Additionally, of course, it might just prevent a legal challenge.

So yes, consultation is not just a hurdle to get through before redundancy is finalised.  It can change things significantly.

Want to learn more about redundancy consultations?

If you want some more information about managing redundancy consultations,  Part 3 of my book  “Redundancy with love”  is all about Selection and Consultation

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