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If you have difficult employee issue to sort out – some misconduct; a grievance or complaint; potential redundancy; sickness absence – or you want some policies and procedures so that you get it right from the start, then I can help.

Jill Aburrow

About Me

I am Jill Aburrow and I am an experienced HR manager. I provide calm, sound HR support and advice to start-ups and small businesses.

I provide a range of HR services, tailored to your needs, to help you get up and running and to make sure you keep up-to-date in line with best practice. My aim is to help you have happy, committed and engaged employees because it is a simple equation:  happy employees = higher productivity and profits.

I’m thrilled to announce that Heartfelt HR have been named as Most Trusted HR Consultant 2024 (Oxfordshire) as part of the Corporate Vision Employee Wellness Award, which recognise companies that are dedicated to improving employee well-being.

Getting Started

HR Audit

Where to start? We’ll identify the gaps and recommend solutions.

Recruitment and

We can provide the support you need to recruit the right people.  

Getting Started

We support you, so you can get it right – from the start.


Manage all your people processes – all in one place.

Managing People

New Managers

People who are new to managing others need training and support

Difficult Conversations

There are always situations at work or in life where you have to have a difficult conversation with someone.

Dealing with misconduct or poor performance

Managers and business owners have to deal with an issue due to poor behaviour. 



Over the years, I have supported managers and business owners with hundreds of redundancies

Redundancy with Love

A practical handbook will help you to manage a redundancy situation in a fair and kind manner

Your HR Strategy

Employee Engagement

Have you thought about an employee engagement survey for your organisation?


Your policies protect you and your employees and form the basis for  your day to day running


The wellbeing of your staff should be high on the list of your priorities.  What do we actually mean by wellbeing?

Company Culture

Do you know what your company culture is?  I am sure you know what you want it to be – but is that what you have actually got?

Flexible Working

When we talk about flexible working, most people think about working from home or remotely; or hybrid working – but what else comes under flexible working

Strategic HR Support

What is HR strategy?  Well, it really encompasses anything to do with the people in your business. 

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Author: Jill Aburrow, Chartered FCIPD, PGCEL

Redundancy with Love

Redundancy is a costly, time-consuming and stressful event for both companies and individuals. This practical handbook will help you to manage a redundancy situation in a fair and kind manner and support your employees – both those facing potential redundancy and those left behind – and your managers.

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