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Managing People

New Managers

People who are new to managing others need training and support

Whether you have recently promoted someone to the role of manager, or they have just joined you from another employer, you want to make sure they are equipped to get the best from their teams.  Just because they are good at the job, it doesn’t mean they are automatically good at managing other people to do the job.  Heartfelt HR can provide initial training for your new managers – tailored to your company.  We can also provide mentoring for managers to help them to get comfortable with supervising and managing other people.

Difficult Conversations

There are always situations at work or in life where you have to have a difficult conversation with someone.

Where do you start? How can you broach a difficult subject?  If you join our mailing list you will get a free eBook to help with this.  But if you want more help, we can provide more in-depth training, tailored to your particular company requirements.

HR supporting poor performance or misconduct issues at work

Dealing with misconduct or poor performance

Sometimes managers and business owners have to deal with an issue which has arisen because of poor behaviour by someone, or because an employee is unable to reach the required level of performance. 

And sometimes it can be difficult to know whether poor conduct is deliberate or is caused by something else.  Although the processes to deal with either situation are similar, it can be crucial to deal with the concern correctly.  It can be the difference between a valued  future employee or a discontented, disruptive influence in the workplace. 

HeartfeltHR can support you through the whole disciplinary/performance process, or undertake it for you.

If you would like to discuss any employment issues, then don’t hesitate to give me a call.