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Employee Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement

Have you thought about an employee engagement survey for your organisation?

It can help you to determine employee feelings and attitude; levels of motivation and commitment; satisfaction with the organisation and the working environment.  An employee engagement survey can help you to capitalise on what is working and make improvements where things are not as good as they might be. 

We can arrange for a free survey to go out to all of your employees, from your Company and with your Company logo.  The responses will be anonymous and will be collated into a results dashboard which helps to analyse levels of employee satisfaction within your organisation.

Once we have collated all the results, we can provide a proposed action plan, with costs.  It is then up to you whether you want to take any further action.



Handling a grievance or a complaint

If someone in the workplace raises a grievance or complaint, it needs to be resolved quickly and to the satisfaction of all concerned. 

If someone is unhappy about something at work, or has a conflict with another person (be it their line manager, another employee or someone else) there may be heightened emotions involved and people do not always see situations clearly. 

Heartfelt HR can help you to investigate issues which have been raised in grievances and complaints and we can advise on the best course of action.  We can support managers with formal meetings to hear a grievance and we can help with the decision making to reach a fair and transparent outcome.

If the complaint is about another employee or manager, we can help with investigating the issue and we can provide mediation between the two parties, aimed at helping them to resolve the situation.

HR support for handing grievances or complaints
HR supporting poor performance or misconduct issues at work

Dealing with misconduct or poor performance

Sometimes managers and business owners have to deal with an issue which has arisen because of poor behaviour by someone, or because an employee is unable to reach the required level of performance. 

And sometimes it can be difficult to know whether poor conduct is deliberate or is caused by something else.  Although the processes to deal with either situation are similar, it can be crucial to deal with the concern correctly.  It can be the difference between a valued  future employee or a discontented, disruptive influence in the workplace. 

HeartfeltHR can support you through the whole disciplinary/performance process, or undertake it for you.


Over the years, I have supported managers  and business owners with hundreds of  redundancies and I have learnt so much about what works and what doesn’t work.  I have also faced redundancy myself and so I know how it feels.

There are strict legal guidelines for fair redundancy and it is easy to fall foul of them.  But more importantly is the way that redundancy affects everyone involved. Redundancy is difficult for everyone: business owners and leaders; managers; employees – both those facing job loss and those who remain behind.

I can help you with your redundancy programme – whether it involves only one person (often the most difficult redundancies to manage) or many.  I can provide help, whatever the level you need  – from some template letters  through to managing the whole process (and all stops in between).

Once we have collected all the data from you, we can look at any gaps and provide advice on what the solutions might be. 

HR Support for redundancy programmes

If you would like to discuss any employment issues, then don’t hesitate to give me a call.